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 Top Creative Landscape Designer & Pool Contractor Jesse Escalera


Jesse Escalera has a reputation as the leading for creative landscape design Newport Beach and around the world. When you work with Jesse you are stepping into another world and creating an imagined lifestyle dream come true. Jesse’s 20 years of experience and outstanding reputation speaks for itself. Currently you can see him in action on HGTV’s Flip or Flop.  You can also check out some of Jesse’s beautiful work in the portfolio below.


Working with Landscape Designer and Pool Contractor Jesse Escalera is different then any other contractor. He works with you to create a ‘candy store with your name all over it’. He’s an artist, he loves what he does. Your candy store will be filled with amazing ideas and you’ll go through that store together and create your backyard of dreams. The process with Jesse is a creative journey into an only imagined new lifestyle for you and your family. Watch the videos below to learn more about the process.

Creating Your Design

The Creative Process

Design and Bid 


Choosing a designer for your landscape design is a big deal. When you work with Jesse Escalera you’re working along someone who has passion for your project, who is invested whole heartedly and someone who cares about you and your family. The bonus is that you’ll also get a landscape design beyond your wildest imagination. The only thing that supersedes Jesse’s passion is his creativity. This is not only a new back yard, but a fantastic journey into an exciting new lifestyle. Watch video below to learn why he does what he does.


Are you missing out on a creative outdoor living space? Instead of letting your yard become a chore, invest in a landscape design. When you custom design your space, you also gain in value. There are many benefits for landscaping, here are just a few:

Designing for curb appeal.

Your backyard space serves as a social area to your home. You can create a more inviting environment through a custom landscape design. Your backyard additions will make your home more identifiable and certainly memorable. A custom landscaping designer like Jesse Escalera will create a space you, your friends and your family will no doubt love.

Socializing space.

Your back yard serves as a place to socialize with your family and friends. Jesse Escalera is a leading creative landscape designer and knows how to make your space inviting and unforgettable. An incredible new space adds value along with an exciting place to hang with friends or share dinner from your new outdoor kitchen with family.

Taking advantage of your space.

Even without guests, your back yard can become a new place for you to unwind. Your time spent outdoors will never be wasted. You can sit back with a drink, enjoy your custom fire pit, or your amazing pool and spa. Jesse works with you to take your landscape design beyond what you imagined.

Increased value.

Not only will you find personal value in adding a custom landscape design, but so will your house. An amazing, unique and creative space will increase the selling price. Expanding your home improvement beyond walls is a benefit that keeps giving. Jesse Escalera serves Newport Beach and surrounding areas. Call now to set up your consultation.

You deserve it.

But you already know this!


Food, shelter, and clothes. The three basic need for life. Sure in the modern world buying a house is a dream for everyone. A dream home is a place where you and your family can live peacefully and happily along with your loved ones. But if you are someone who digs for kinds of stuff like having a wonderful back yard or landscaped garden or if you simply want a good looking home, more often there is a chance of you being disappointed. The surroundings of your property will be new and unfamiliar and clearly one cannot decide where to start to make their dream home beautiful. This is where landscape designers come in. So they can create landscape designs to suit your preferences, tastes, and budget. It is essential to ensure that your garden is designed to perfection taking your the home décor and façade into account as well. The exteriors of your house should reflect your own lifestyle, your beliefs, and personality. So it is only fair that you do justice to your dream home and hire an expert landscape designer. The experts who are experienced and qualified in landscaping in JE Proscapes can assist you to build your backyard into a wonderfully landscaped garden.

Moved into Newport Beach California? Bought your new dream house? But not satisfied by the looks of it, are you? Looking for a professional landscaper who can help you with your dream designing project or Patio or manage your gardening work for a new beautiful property you moved in or someone to design your pool or spa according to your need or soft scape work or if you are just looking for the best landscape designer in Newport Beach California for yourself. Whatever the reason is — if your concern regards to landscape designing  this is the article you must read.

As one of the best landscape designer Newport Beach Jesse Escalera has widespread knowledge and theories, observational eyes, ability to read and predict contexts, research, analyze and synthesize skills as well as the artistic skill-set which are the two necessary skills for designing. With those particular abilities, one, who understands the overview, would acknowledge and be appreciate with the things around like every piece of rock has told itself it’s a story. In addition the more objects you engage with, the newer you learn.

So, if you keen on the complexities of exterior systems or development, you probably enjoy participating in landscape design. And if not take the back seat and see how an expert performs. As JE would say –

“I’m not looking to impress people… I want them to cry tears of joy and **** their pants when they see my work”  -Jesse Escalera AKA El Beardo

Well, landscape design is focusing on everything on the outside environment in different scales, starting from an apple tree in your garden, to the home where you live in, including the street you walk to school, university or workplace, a playground you used to enjoy, a recreational park where you exercising, a community mall you hang out, from the urban space of your town to the countryside outbound, and all natural and manmade watershed infrastructure are taken into consideration while designing a landscape.

In order to design those kinds of areas, the understanding of contexts, which based on natural, manmade, social and political factors, should be the first priority. Another field, which has got another set of concerns – social behavior, aesthetic, natural dynamic, landscape systems and facilities, disaster, orientations, biodiversity, ecology, other creatures.

With JE Proscapes you get your self one of the best Landscaper in Newport Beach headed by our very own Jesse Escalera. These guys are experts in services like landscape design, Hardscape as well as Softscape, custom pool design as well as custom spa design, Sunken Firepit, Outdoor Kitchen, Landscape Lighting, custom woodwork as well as robotic TV enclosures as well.

When you hire a landscape designer, you’re not just getting a design, you’re also getting all the experience, knowledge the designer has accrued over the course of their career. This usually means they know a lot about designs, but also how to solve problems in the landscape like drainage issues or lighting issues, and from bigger point-of-view how to arrange the elements in your landscape in a coherent, attractive way. You’re also getting a comprehensive approach to design. So it is up to you only to go for the wise option where your landscaper can see the things others can’t. That is exactly what JE Proscapes Landscape Designing team brings into the table.

While there are a lot of companies available which offer landscape designing services around the world, you should do your own research before hiring any one of them. Things like experience and one of their fondly previous project, the designs over their website can play a major role in hiring them. At JE Landscapers Website you can see a variety of their previous projects as well as their customer testimonials as well. So if you’re looking to go big and make your fantasy of a perfect dream home come true JE Landscapers would be an absolute choice for you. Using an artsy set of hands and decades of experience in high-end residential landscape designing, our team will build the perfect new landscape environment for your home.