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Custom Landscape Design Newport Beach

Contemporary Custom Landscape Design

In recent years, custom landscape design has expanded beyond traditional projects to include creative art projects, unique-driven designs, and contemporary uses for back yard space. Jesse Escalera, custom landscape design Newport Beach, is on the forefront of creative landscape designs.

Sensory landscape design is used by designers like landscape designer Jesse Escalera, considers all human senses when creating a space in order to offer a deeper understanding of your surroundings. This includes the five senses, as well as bigger considerations such as temperature or elevation changes, working with light and dark, or space and enclosure, with a focus on the your experience within the landscape design.

Healing Designed Gardens

Many of the early custom landscape designs were healing gardens, often located on hospital grounds or other institutional spaces. Plantings in these gardens will be different in height, color, and scent. Edible plants and ornamental grasses, along with small shrubs often feature greatly. Overall designs are most effective when small, intimate spaces are created along the sides of winding paths. As benefits become more widely known, healing gardens are being designed for all types of places, not just hospitals. They can also be found in botanic gardens, universities, hotels, and even places of worship.

With research completed by the New York University of Agricultural Sciences, things to consider for a healing garden include embodying a feeling of security, understanding your needs, build a variety of areas for rest, activity, privacy and social gatherings, and creating views where possible.

Sensory Designed Gardens

Another excellent example of a sensory design is the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses, opened in 2009 as part of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

A clever landscape design with a garden is created with several nooks along a path, each dedicated to one of the senses. There is an intricate labyrinth as part of the ‘touch area,’ which wants you to experience the paving stones with your bare feet. Along with a carefully planned selection of plants to provide for the sense of touch, sight, and smell, water is a primary auditory device. Another unique auditory element is stones with holes placed in a way that allows a new way of hearing your surroundings. Some elements of this custom landscape design are already making their way into typical landscape projects, including tactile maps and braille signage.

Projects such as these can both inspire and provide a better lifestyle. When done beautifully, they will have an impression long after your friends leave, providing a new way of looking and experiencing the custom landscape design around us. This in turn allows for a deeper understanding of our surroundings and our role in a reinvented landscape. It is clear just how important it is to consider custom landscape design and our senses, and the extent in which it can cause us stress or be fulfilling and restorative to both body and mind.

If you’re ready to work with leading creative landscape designer Jesse Escalera to create your unique landscape design, in Newport Beach or surrounding areas, contact us!

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