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Custom Landscape Designer

Sneak peak behind the scene designs.

Communicating Design Ideas Through Renderings

Custom Landscape Designer for Newport Beach, Jesse Escalera uses a diverse mix of tools to create, design, and communicate his ideas. He solves problems through design and makes an exciting space for his clients. The visualizing of the design and construction for a project is made possible through the help of computer software and hand drawing or renderings.

Landscape architecture and design flows more towards the artistic and creative side on the spectrum for large landscape design projects. It requires a vast knowledge of plant life, materials and natural elements, and also the ability to ground a work of architecture into a project site. This is no easy task, and takes years of experience and work to become good at it.

As every one of Jesse’s landscape designs are so unique, so are the methods he uses to show their idea. The tools that he uses are to improve his process and better inform his creative thoughts to his clients. Being able to render landscape work results in better design understanding, and an end product that aligns with his initial ideas.