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Custom Landscaping Designer

Qualifications of a Custom Landscaping Designer


A custom landscaping designer must work be able to collaborate with their teams during the design process. Having knowledge of construction, plants and technology can benefit a creative landscaping designer. An artistic eye is something that cannot be taught. Jesse Escalera is a leading creative landscaping designer in Newport Beach and beyond.


Hardscape and Softscape

Creative Landscaping designers usually combine elements from landscape architecture and garden design during their creative process. During the planning and design phase, Jesse takes into account his client’s wishes to design an outdoor area that is inviting and fits well with their needs. In both phases, creative landscaping designers are relied upon to determine the ideal hardscape and softscape choices for a specific location and climate. A designer must also demonstrate knowledge of an area’s insect population and level of rainfall.

Collaboration and Communication

As a creative landscaping designer, Jesse works alongside his trusted team. While the team focuses on technical matters like topography and engineering, the creative landscaping designer focuses on the design process through their knowledge of landscape design. The designer must also be able to communicate with the client and understand their expectations in order to enhance upon them and make even better. Once a project is completed, a landscape designer can instruct the grounds maintenance staff on how to care for and maintain the landscape design.


Unlike an architect, a creative landscape designer does not need an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in plant-related disciplines. Jesse Escalera, landscape designer Newport Beach, has spent over 20 years building his skills by doing the actual work, his track record speaks for itself. His skills to use computer aided design, software and computer-drafting tools enhances the design process by creating faster and more professional results.

Industry Certification

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers provides certification to its members who send in a portfolio of acceptable designs and have at least two years of experience in the industry.