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Custom Landscaping Newport Beach

Jesse Escalera Custom Landscaping Newport Beach will bring your landscape design dreams to reality! From custom pool designs, to expansive outdoor kitchens, he has the resources, creativity and skills to bring your landscape of dreams to life!

Custom Landscaping Newport Beach, JE Proscapes, is one of the premier landscaping design companies serving the Newport Beach area, and the surrounding areas. He works with homeowners, HOA’s, businesses and large commercial accounts.

His team is highly specialized and experienced, and he has many happy customers who have experienced the difference that his creativity and team provides.

Learn more about his services by following the links below.

  • Landscape Design – Jesse’s will work hand-in-hand with you to take your ideas and design the ideal landscape design for your Newport Beach home. He prepares detailed plans that will help you to envision the final result of your ideas, and then puts that landscape design into action.
  • Landscape Construction – The second step of the process in a custom landscaping Newport Beach project, Jesse will take the landscape design plans and handle all of the construction.  Using his team of experienced professional landscapers, he efficiently creates a landscape design that will add beauty and value to your home or commercial property for years to come.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Properly maintaining your landscape is essential to maximize your investment and keep your property looking its best. Once he’s created a new landscape design for your outdoor area, he can maintain it throughout the year so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of your custom landscaping Newport Beach.
  • Irrigation Services – Irrigation is not meant to replace natural rainfall, but it is used to supplement the natural rain and ensure that your custom landscaping Newport Beach is receiving the optimal amount of water needed for growth and plant development. He will install irrigation and sprinkler systems that will keep your plants and lawn looking their best, while keeping your watering costs to a minimum.
  • Landscape Lighting – Landscape Lighting helps to improve the appearance of your home or business by enhancing the features of your landscape and allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your architectural features while drawing attention to your prized trees and plants.   Having a well-lit exterior also improves the safety of your home or business by illuminating your property around the clock.
  • Water Features – Nothing adds to the interest and enjoyment of your custom landscaping Newport Beach like the beauty and tranquility of a water feature.   Soothing and peaceful, the sight and sounds of a water feature can give your landscape design an added dimension that sets your landscape design apart from the rest, making a more enjoyable outdoor area retreat for you and your family.
  • Tree and Plant Health Care – Maintaining your trees and plants ensures that your custom landscaping Newport Beach will provide you with years of enjoyment.   Preventative maintenance, fertilization, pruning and pest control ensure that your landscape is a thriving, healthy ecosystem that will maintain the beauty of the original design, and help to protect your investment from pests and invasive plants that can easily ruin your landscape design.
  • Gardening –  A custom landscape Newport Beach without color just isn’t complete! Jesse Escalera’s gardening department will hand select the best plant cultivars and color combinations to make your landscape design come alive, and Jesse’s team of professional gardeners will not only select the best plants for your conditions, but will also maintain them to provide a thriving, colorful garden that you can enjoy throughout all seasons.
  • Holiday Lighting – Whatever the holiday may be, you can show your festive side with a professionally designed Holiday Lighting display by JE Proscapes Custom Landscaping Newport Beach. Jesse works with homes and businesses in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas to design and install Holiday Lighting displays.