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Newport Beach, CA

When designing a backyard oasis, a custom spa design will no doubt be the popular gathering area in your pool area.

Landscape Designer Newport beach

A Custom Spa Can Be The Focal Point Of Creativity

Spas are a must to incorporate into your pool design, or even as a stand-alone feature. A custom spa is a beautiful addition to your landscaping. Jesse Escalera’s experience in designing spa’s opens the way to boundless creative ideas. Regardless of it’s size, shape, the style of hydrotherapy jets or the sort of tile, he will design a spa to exceed your expectations.

A custom spa design can include water highlights, amazing lighting, cascades, unique edges, creative seating, acrylic or glass sides and custom tile. Jesse hand crafts and produces commercial and private spa’s to suit all dreams. He works intimately with planners, engineers, architects, staff, and proprietors to build up every one of a kind structure. Jesse Escalera is a custom spa designer serving Newport Beach and around. The world and the extent of his vision reaches beyond the spa. He works to coordinate the lighting, finishing, and engineering of each design with over the top spa plans to make a phenomenal, life-changing experience.  Jesse’s custom hot tubs and spas are perfect for any area; regardless of whether business or private, on the ground, or on a rooftop.