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Landscape lighting for your landscape design

Don’t Take it From Us

Going through a major Landscape Design has it’s challenges, but without those you wouldn’t be able to feel the beauty of the outcome when it is all said and done. It’s not a painful process, at least it shouldn’t be, but your yard is being torn up, you’re spending money and you can’t in that moment imagine it finished. It’s during this time emotions are front and center and the world seems to spin a little bit faster.

We’re here to tell you it’s all worth it. It’s when you get that big reveal, when you’re enjoying your first get together, or a few months or years down the road when your hanging in your custom designed spa, you won’t remember the pain. It will be nothing but aggghhh.

If you’re ready to work with leading landscape designer Jesse Escalera to create your unique landscape design, in Newport Beach or surrounding areas, contact us!

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