Jesse Escalera is a leading fire pit contractor for Newport Beach and will consider many things before designing yours:

The Location

Where you lay the fire pit must be intentional and well thought out in order to maximize on your landscape design. This will get the results that you desire, which is an area you love to be in. Also it will assist you in getting that natural feeling of space and beauty. Before considering the fire pit a landscape contractor like Jesse will design for you, he first visualizes, then plans the execution.

Gas or Wood Usage

Your outdoor fire pit will either burn gas or wood. There are restricted plans on wood burning and before deciding on the fire pit to use make a well-thought decision.


Consider the seating arrangement a fire pit allows. Some allow nested sunken benches and others have a cozy seating area. Each allows and gives a different environment from the other when it comes to relaxing and enjoying the environment.


The most common fire pits are either free standing or mounted. The mounted ones are either made of clay, copper or even steel. Portable outdoor fire pits are made of metal that is copper or aluminum and they have a variety of designs. Jesse will ensure to design what suits your back yard best.  Before choosing a fire pit contractor and more so the fire pit design, it needs to best suits your needs, ensures it follows the outdoor fire regulations within your area and must comply with them.