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Home Improvement 

So you’ve decided that peach-colored appliances are never coming back into style? You’re tired of elbowing your spouse for space in front of the sink while brushing your teeth? It’s time for a landscaping design.
The good news is that 2019 could be the best time in years for that decision. The slow housing construction market has idled subcontractors who, in the past, were bombarded with work. Materials and labor prices are getting more competitive.
Now is a perfect time to take advantage of the fact that our industry has slowed. Rates are down. A lot of landscape contractors Newport Beach are more available than ever. Commodity prices are down. It’s a great time to remodel your back yard. You’ll get a lot more for your money.
In fact, homeowners spending on landscape design is projected to increase 54 percent between 2005 and 2018. The landscape designer portion of the landscape design market is expected to grow 46 percent between 2019 and 2022. Spending on landscaping projects was estimated to hit $280 billion. Homeowners are the winners now.
Jesse, whose company works mostly in Newport Beach,  has never been busier in his 25 years in the business. He thinks that people are afraid they’ll have trouble selling their house in the soft market, so they’re deciding to stay but make changes with landscape design and pool construction for the long term. A lot of those people who were building houses are now working towards value and adding that landscaping.
It’s estimated that two-thirds of homes are now at least a quarter-century old, which means more are hitting the age when remodeling and landscape improvement spending typically increases. This is a large part of Marcus’ market. People don’t want to leave their neighborhoods, so they’re adding patios, porches, decks, custom spa designs, custom pool construction, landscape lighting and outdoor fire pits. Look Ahead, Plan Ahead
“It’s never too early to plan,” Jesse says. In Newport Beach, landscape design and pool construction happens all year. That means that the driving factor in when to start planning is when you want the project finished. Need a custom spa design for a summer wedding party? Want an landscape and hardscape addition for a graduation in June? You need to get going. March is not too early to start on a summer project, Jesse says. “There’s no advantage to waiting.”
Jesse has a client who called in November to begin planning for an landscape design addition he wanted completed in May. Jesse says he has a couple of suggestions he gives clients. “Any landscape design and pool construction project is going to take longer than the homeowner thinks it will.” Permits, zoning regulation, approvals, subcontractors — a myriad of details — add time to the process. There are many rules regarding inspections and zoning, particularly for projects that include any alterations to the outside landscape design. Even changing a back door could require a 30-day lapse for an architectural review board to consider it, Jesse explains. “Something small could take a while.” Jesse’s second suggestion? “Have a budget, then plan to go over it by 10 percent. We’ll work to your budget, but you won’t.”
Any project that requires Outdoor custom woodwork generally takes longer, says Jesse Escalera. “For a outdoor kitchen remodel, it might take six to eight weeks to pick out custom woodwork cabinets and get them in. Landscape design might take four weeks. You’re dealing with a project that, before you’ve even started, takes two to three months.” A good rule is to plan on 60 to 90 days from the first time you think of a project to when pool construction begins, Jesse suggests. “It takes that long to get it off the ground.”
Another factor that sparks landscape design for home improvement these days is rising home energy costs. “A lot of people want new windows,” Jesse says.
Homeowners are more aware than ever of environmental concerns and energy efficiency. They want custom pool design, sunken fire pits and landscape lighting.
As summer approaches, this prompts even small projects. It’s simple for homeowners to improve their energy efficiency even if they don’t want a commit to a major renovation. Summer is a great time to install an adjustable thermostat, add insulation, seal gaps that have developed over the winter in your outdoor kitchen and custom spa design, custom woodwork, and outdoor ceiling fans to increase air flow. These are small home improvement jobs and landscape design ideas, but ones that can easily be worthwhile. “People always want to know how to reduce their energy bill,” Jesse says. “That’s a very common for custom landscaping design project.”