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Why a Custom Landscape Design is Essential to Your Back Yard. 

Landscape design is an essential component to your new backyard area.

Custom Landscape Design Adds Value

The features of landscape design are important because they contribute significantly to your well-being and quality of life. They provide the broader context within which we live our lives. Living within aesthetically pleasing, creative and culturally meaningful landscape design enhances your sense of wellbeing

Newport Beach landscape design is some of the most beautiful. Use of art and designs to arrange or adjust the features of a yard, urban area or back area is some of the most creative. You divide landscape design into two major parts: softscape and hardscape. There are a number of concepts that deal with how the you perceive the layout of a landscape. The landscape designs that can change that perception is:


Unity (harmony), Balance, Proportion, Transition


 Unity is the use of ideas in a design to convey a consistent theme. It is achieved when you create a design consistently over a landscape, through plants, furniture and repetition. Balance is a term of comparison between two segments of a landscape.  Since plants are at the heart of landscape design, knowledge of the science of horticulture is one of its critical components. Landscape design is more of an art than a science. Some decisions will be based not on hard fact, but on personal tastes, intuition, or current ideas. For example, when you design a foundation of plants, there is no set of hard scientific facts you can point to make the case that a straight design is better than a curved one. Nonetheless, most landscape designers seem to agree that a gracefully curving design just looks better. We seem convinced that a curved foundation plants work, because it does a better job of softening the overwhelming linearity of a house wall. Jesse Escalera uses his creative talents to combine the hardscape and softscape ideas to create a luxury backyard of dreams. Newport Beach Landscape design is some of the most beautiful in the world.