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Leading Creative Landscape Designer

Go Big Or Go Home With Jesse Escalera, Leading Creative Landscape Designer

Your new landscape design with Newport Beach Leading Creative Landscape Designer Jesse Escalera can be as big and bold as he can imagine. Creativity is not a problem at JE Proscapes. Imagine a fireplace in your head, now expand that idea about 1000% and you might get a small idea of what goes on in Jesse’s head. When you work with Jesse imagine being the envy of your friends and neighbors, because designs are BOLD, yes, but also beautiful, functional, unique and most important, inviting.

Bold Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape Design Newport beach

Looking for an outdoor waterfall? Jesse will first work closely with you to ensure that the design he provides is in-sync with the landscape design ideas you have for the space, it will just be so much better than you ever thought.

Outdoor Bar

Want a space to have amazing parties, entertain clients, watch superbowl or just relax with all of your friends and family, no problem. Let’s take that idea to the next level, shall we?

Fire and Water

How about the most unique area to hang by a fire AND a backyard waterfall. Talk about a conversation area!

Custom Steel Work

Need a hand forged steel art piece to tie it all together? How about something that represents you and your family in the most awesome way. Jesse Escalera will take your ideas for landscape design and expand on them like no one else can!

If you’re ready to work with leading creative landscape designer Jesse Escalera to create your unique landscape design, in Newport Beach or surrounding areas, contact us!

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