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Landscaping Design Newport beach

Fireplace & Sunken Fire Pits. Adding More Heat to Your Landscape Design.

Staring into a fire is the best, and has been we’ve done since the beginning. These days you can enjoy that outdoor fireplaces & fire pits in an exciting landscape design. Jesse Escalera, leading creative Landscape Designer in Newport Beach, has over 20 years of experience in designing the most creative fireplace/ sunken fire pit features for clients looking to incorporate an inviting and exciting addition to their new landscape design.

Custom Landscape Designer Newport Beach

Imagine relaxing with friends and a drink at the end of a long workweek, sitting together as you cook in your custom outdoor kitchen, or taking the chill off of an early winter evening. The opportunities to enjoy your outdoor fireplace or sunken fire pit are endless. So which option is best for you?

Custom Landscape Designer Newport Beach

An outdoor fireplace is a larger focal point in your landscape design. It can be designed to add privacy, ambiance, or create a statement in your yard that you can see from indoors as well. The downside? They take up more space and you can only sit on one side.

Custom Landscape Designer Newport Beach

By contrast, an sunken fire pit is more casual and sometimes less expensive to construct. They provide an exciting area to gather and hang out in a more engaging environment. However, since it’s open, you may not be able to control where smoke goes and cooking options may be more limited.

Custom Landscape Designer Newport Beach

Jesse Escalera is the leading landscape designer for Newport Beach and surrounding areas. He is focused on a creative custom landscape design for your backyard that will ‘make you cry tears of joy when you see it’.