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Newport Beach, CA

The quintessential outdoor social occasion space.

Outdoor kitchen for a landscape design in Newport beach

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Whether you just want to spend more time outdoors or entertain friends and family, building a custom outdoor kitchen is a great way to enhance your living experience. There are many great reasons to consider building an outdoor kitchen for your Newport Beach home. Many people view the kitchen as the heart of the home, and your outdoor kitchen can fill in as the heart of your landscape design. An outdoor kitchen can turn into a staple in your landscape design, just as the quintessential social occasion space.

You need to benefit as much as possible from your outdoor space, and you do as such by putting resources into that space. You see this with pools, landscaping and furthermore outdoor kitchens. The #1 benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is you’ll have more fun entertaining! Grill up delicious food at home rather than ordering takeout from a restaurant for family and friend time together. Think of it as a social gathering area.

Outdoor kitchens are much more than a place to put the BBQ grill. You can build up your whole landscaped area around the kitchen, adding furniture, sunken fire pit, and so much more to create a comfortable outdoor oasis. Also, nothing else looks more appealing in a landscaped backyard than a complete, functional and beautiful outdoor kitchen. It will become an investment you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family.

An outdoor kitchen designed well will become the constant place where memories are made. Holidays, birthdays, and special events will be more memorable when everyone is gathered around the outdoor area instead of indoors. Regardless of whether you desire a notch up to your current outdoor kitchen or needing to make one from the beginning, Jesse Escalera can create an amazing space for your outdoor gatherings, in Newport Beach CA and beyond.