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Pool Contractor Jesse Escalera

Newport Beach, CA

Pool contractor Jesse Escalera takes the ordinary and elevates it to extraordinary. No dream is too big, he can make it happen.

custom pool designer in Newport Beach

Pool Contractor Newport Beach

Swimming pools are a central area of relaxation and play. Here are a few reasons Jesse Escalera is your pool contractor Newport Beach for your swimming pool of dreams.


The permitting process can be both time-consuming and extremely complicated when you’re not familiar with it. Many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking the process of obtaining the appropriate building permits and end up with hefty fines that could’ve been avoided. A professional pool contractor knows the specific permits required and how to get them as quickly as possible for different cities. You can avoid significant delay and cost when you allow a professional to complete the permitting process for you.


Not only are there many building codes for you to be aware of; some cities actually require pool construction to be completed by a licensed pool contractor. Again, you can receive heavy fines or be forced to abandon your project if you’re not aware of proper building codes and regulations. It’s also important to have the pool built to code by a professional for safety’s sake. A lot of mistakes can occur in a DIY job simply because a homeowner wasn’t aware of how to build the pool according to regulations.


There are a lot of components to build a pool. All of these components put together require a major time commitment. It can be difficult to find the tools and personnel necessary to complete all these tasks if you’re unfamiliar with the construction process. Most people don’t have the time necessary to get the job done because of work, family, and other time constraints. The pool will get built much more quickly when you hire a pool contractor. Jesse Escalera has the staff and subcontractors who are familiar with the entire process.


A very common problem with DIY projects is that they often end up costing more money in the long run. There are unexpected materials, tools, and manpower. In addition, mistakes are often made that require the help of a professional to rectify. In most cases it’s better financially to hire a professional because mistakes can often end up costing more.


The most important aspect of a beautiful pool are the details that are added at the end of the construction process. Most details require experience and training. You’re sure to have a better end result when you leave these finishing touches to the professionals.

For your exciting new design contact Jesse Escalera pool contractor Newport Beach.