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Jesse Escalera: Guerrillakind

Guerrillakind is a term I created. It’s all about breaking from the beaten path, where inconsistent is consistent. It’s about bending the everyday normal from similar to unique. It’s about taking a different path but arriving at the same destination. It’s about being aware of the subtle things and using them to your advantage even if others say you shouldn’t do it that way because it won’t make sense. That being said Guerrillakind isn’t for everyone. It’s about making the little things matter. It’s passion mixed with story to make something normal cool.

Jesse Escalera is a Landscaping Designer, but more than that he is a visionary. A person who has influenced others to pursue a dream. He is the type of person who defies nay sayers. He is someone who has solutions to problems.

Most of all he is the kind of person who sees things that work.

At work he is a master of communication and guerrilla at work, bending what he knows to make things flow. What he creates leaves his projects with something more than just another waterfall in a backyard, he creates an environment you can feel.